We have been on the South Shore since 1975… And yet, we have rejuvenated ourselves over the years! Here’s our secret: focusing on family!

Our beginnings

Our founder, Wilfrid Poulin, was one of the most well-known and respected businessmen on the South Shore. By founding Les immeubles Wilfrid Poulin ltée, he dreamed of consolidating the entrepreneurial spirit of the South Shore, which he did by marketing office buildings and contributing to the property growth of the area; he did all of this with his flair and concern for construction quality. At that time, few business people from the Francophone community dared to invest in commercial and industrial real estate. We owe our success to his innovative spirit.

From Les immeubles Wilfrid Poulin ltée to Groupe immobilier IWP — same human values, different generations

Our family business is now run by our second generation of fine entrepreneurs. Four brothers and managers who complete one another through their related training: engineering, law and business administration.

This new breath of life allowed us to reinforce our positioning at the turn of the 21st century. We are now more dedicated than ever to the outreach of businesses on the South Shore, in a competitive and constantly evolving context.

Our flexibility now enables us to offer a tailored rental and office space development service. We also build on the diversification of our operations; we control all the steps involved in our development. This allows us to ensure quality services and buildings and the long-term value of the areas in which we invest.

We have always been committed to our undertakings, the quality of human relations and our concern for work well done. This is also part of the power and spirit of a family that joins forces!