At Groupe immobilier IWP, our family spirit and human will are reflected in all of our actions and in the approach used by our employees.

We value quality interpersonal relationships through our listening skills and our desire to understand exactly what our clients need. This approach invariably allows us to ensure quality work, developments and maintenance services throughout our premises, offices and commercial buildings on the South Shore.

We’re never that far!

Given that we own all of our commercial buildings and offices, we take great care of them. We’re more than just managers and so we play an active role in the management of our property inventory. Our proximity allows us to fulfill our commitments and be present in real time.

Our trademark? Our tenants stay with us for a long time. Our people feel great because we take care of them. This says it all!

Our mantra? Rejuvenate the business sector of the prime areas of Montreal’s South Shore by bringing together the business and professional community within rental and office spaces that will stimulate local economic and entrepreneurial expansion.